A formula for cohabiting couples to protect their finances

By Peter Jones, founder Cohabiting couples are calling for a change in the law to give them the same rights as married couples. The findings of the latest in a series of surveys reinforce a lack of understanding among this … Continue reading

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A four-step formula to reduce half-term friction

The countdown to half-term holidays can spark the onset of headaches for many divorced and separated parents. The perennial argument over who gets the children – and when – can be further exacerbated by work patterns and domestic arrangements.

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How To Plan For a ‘New Year, New You’ Post-Divorce

The New Year is a symbolic time for most people – one of new beginnings, hopes and aspirations for the future. Understandably, the holiday period may have left those recently divorced feeling fragile and exhausted – making it more difficult … Continue reading

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Steps to make your children’s first Christmas post-divorce special

The festive countdown will leave many separated spouses and their children feeling apprehensive, distressed and nervous – particularly for estranged couples who are embarking on their first Christmas post-divorce. For the newly single, these sentiments are understandably exacerbated at what … Continue reading

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What if?… How to prevent long-lasting divorce regrets

  In our vast experience many divorcees bitterly regret splitting from their partner and wish they had taken more time to think things through before making one of the most momentous and traumatic decisions of their lives. Anger and a … Continue reading

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How to avoid divorce taking its toll on your health

Counting the cost of divorce is not just restricted to the financial aspects – and much research is being devoted to the adverse effect that divorce and separation can have on our health. According to doctors and therapists, marital break-up, … Continue reading

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Seven ways to protect children from conflict

By Kate Banerjee, Head of the Children Department at Jones Myers A new study from Relate which reveals that almost one in five couples in Britain argue regularly or consider separating – reinforces how pressure can cause conflict and disharmony … Continue reading

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Prenups – the perfect Valentine’s gift: seven questions to pop

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a time for a flurry of marriage proposals. While savouring the champagne, red roses and delicious chocolates – we’d also urge engaged couples to consider pre-marital arrangements.

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Jumping into a new relationship? Beware it may affect your divorce settlement

High court judge Mr Justice Mostyn has warned divorcing wives to keep away from new romances or risk jeopardizing their financial settlement. In a written ruling, he said the start of a new relationship could be a “significant fly in … Continue reading

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Making Yourself Understood in a Relationship

Guest blog from Francine Kaye Francine Kaye is the UK’s leading relationship educator who is regularly called on by national TV and radio for her expertise and advice for couples. Divorced 19 years ago with two small children aged 5 … Continue reading

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