A four-step formula to reduce half-term friction

The countdown to half-term holidays can spark the onset of headaches for many divorced and separated parents. The perennial argument over who gets the children – and when – can be further exacerbated by work patterns and domestic arrangements.

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Why representing yourself in court could be financially and emotionally costly

There has been a dramatic rise in the number of litigants in person – those representing themselves in divorce court hearings – to decide children’s best interests. This is because litigants are trying to reduce costs following the government’s abolition, … Continue reading

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As ‘Brangelina’ split continues to dominate the headlines, how to guarantee your privacy

The media frenzy continues a week after Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt with every aspect of their lives – and the lives of their children – continuing to be played out in front of millions of people … Continue reading

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Why ‘doomerang’ divorcees need a wider support network as well as parental backing

The news that over seven million divorced or separated adults in the UK have moved back in with their parents because they can’t afford to live on their own emphasises the need for a wider support network outside of their … Continue reading

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Why a panel of judges’ guide on pre-nuptial agreements needs to be put into context

By family law specialist, Norman Taylor The statement of a panel of judges that says:  “for most people they will not be relevant on divorce” may be correct if the agreement is tested in a court, and the terms found … Continue reading

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Divorce may not be ‘wonderful’ but collaboration reduces the pain and cost

By Peter Jones, founder It is encouraging to see how Coldplay singer, Chris Martin, is championing the collaborative approach to his marriage break-up when describing his ‘wonderful’ divorce from Gwyneth Paltrow.

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Three routes to keep divorce out of court and preserve your privacy

By Norman Taylor, consultant A renewed row between judges over whether details of couples’ lives revealed at divorce hearings can be publicised reinforces how going to court precludes any guarantee of privacy.

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Why jaw-jaw is always better than war-war

By Norman Taylor, consultant The countdown to Resolution’s fourth Family Dispute Resolution Week, which runs across November 23-27th , is a timely opportunity to flag up the alternatives to the ‘traditional’ court hearing route for divorcing couples.

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£2m divorce battle puts post-nups in legal spotlight

A High Court judge has upheld the terms of a post-nuptial agreement drawn up by a multi-millionaire property tycoon and his former wife after they married. The decision highlights both the value of such arrangements and the importance of taking … Continue reading

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Compulsory counselling on the cards for divorcing couples in Ireland

As we continue to assess the impact of far reaching changes to the English and Welsh family justice system, we read with interest that the Irish government is now planning a radical overhaul of its divorce laws. With marriage breakups … Continue reading

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