Rover’s Return landlords head for break up: how to safeguard a family business

One of Coronation Street’s explosive upcoming storylines is rumoured to have Rover’s Return landlords, Steve McDonald and Michelle Connor  heading for divorce following tragic domestic upheavals and his infidelity. Media speculation on the split in the iconic series includes the … Continue reading

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Why support and good advice are vital when divorcing

The news that Hollywood actress, Drew Barrymore, relied heavily on the support and advice of her friends when going through divorce underlines the importance of being able to call on someone of sound judgement during a breakup.

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Divorce and the downside of procrastination

By Peter Jones, founder Any responsible family lawyer will always advise clients seeking a divorce to think very carefully before taking any action. They will stress the importance of couples openly discussing their problems and seeking the support of agencies … Continue reading

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No ‘meal ticket’ – making a fair deal palatable in spousal maintenance

A landmark judgement in which a judge told an ex-wife to ‘get a job’ is fuelling debate about whether a radical review of maintenance payments to former spouses is long overdue.

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Consultation into long overdue reform of enforcing family financial orders

We welcome the news that the Law Commission is consulting on how to simplify and enforce financial orders, which family courts have the power to make for a former spouse or civil partner.

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Rags to riches – delayed divorce payout ruling is cautionary tale

By Peter Jones, founder and partner Could a landmark Supreme Court ruling allowing a woman to make a claim for financial support from her ex husband 20 years after their divorce open the floodgates for similar claims?

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Seven steps to understand and manage the divorce process

The breakdown of a marriage is one of life’s most stressful events and one that few people take lightly. It often entails separating couples – who feel at their most vulnerable – embarking on a life changing journey.

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Government shelves taxing the vulnerable on divorce – for the time being?

The Independent reports that Secretary of State for Justice, Chris Grayling has ‘quietly shelved’ plans to double the cost of filing for divorce. The controversial proposal, which seems to have divided the coalition government, would have seen fees rocket from … Continue reading

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£1.4m pledge to advise couples without legal support ‘papers over cracks’

The confusion in our family courts shows no sign of abating with the news that Family Justice Minister Simon Hughes has pledged to invest £1.4m in advice centres for people representing themselves. The announcement comes as the government’s own figures … Continue reading

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Can my ex claim my inheritance? Four key questions answered

In tough economic times a windfall in the form of a legacy left in a will can give the family coffers a boost.  However, what happens to that inheritance if a couple divorce? It may come as a surprise to … Continue reading

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