We’ve further expanded our children’s department

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve further expanded the expertise of our children’s department.

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Why grandparents are vital for families going through divorce

While grandparents are legally entitled to make their own application for access to, or custody of, grandchildren during divorce proceedings, they have traditionally not tended to do this for fear of damaging their own child’s chances of contact.

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What the new Child Arrangements Orders mean for separating parents

If you are contemplating a divorce or separation from your partner or spouse, your first concern will usually be for your children. Decisions about where will they will live – and how much contact they will have with both parents … Continue reading

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How will new family laws determine children’s fate?

Child Arrangement Orders, designed to meet the best interests of the child, rather than what a parent wants, are a cornerstone of The Children and Families Bill which becomes law on April 22. Kate Banerjee, head of our children’s department, … Continue reading

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Tails you lose: who keeps the dog in a divorce?

By Fiona Kendall, Partner The recent sad “tail” of a battle brewing between actors Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson for custody of their cross bred pooch is not uncommon.  When couples are splitting up or divorcing who keeps the much-loved … Continue reading

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