How compromise and cooperation can make Christmas magical and memorable

The rising popularity for divorced couples to celebrate Christmas with their current partner, their children and their ex appears to be the perfect panacea at an emotionally charged time. The ‘win-win’ scenario ensures children savour the special festivities in a … Continue reading

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Steps to make your children’s first Christmas post-divorce special

The festive countdown will leave many separated spouses and their children feeling apprehensive, distressed and nervous – particularly for estranged couples who are embarking on their first Christmas post-divorce. For the newly single, these sentiments are understandably exacerbated at what … Continue reading

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Practical ways for divorced couples to put their children first this Christmas

By Kate Banerjee, partner and head of children’s department In the words of the famous song, “It’s the most magical time of the year”; a uniquely exciting holiday for children – and many parents, too, for that matter.

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“Sharing Christmas” by family solicitor and author Helen Victoria Bishop

For children Christmas should be a magical and exciting time, full of anticipation and fun, from the school nativity and concerts, to the putting up of the tree and the wait for Father Christmas. For parents, especially those who have … Continue reading

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Why D Day for divorce is just plain daft

According to the media, family lawyers herald the start of a New Year with an annual onslaught of post-festive divorce enquiries on ‘D Day’ as couples decide to pack up their marriage along with the Christmas decorations.

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Festive cheers or tears? Why it’s so important to make children top priority at Christmas

Blog by Peter Jones Facing your first Christmas after divorce or separation is something that for many will be extremely hard, particularly if having to keep a brave face in front of the children. But spare a thought for Pirates … Continue reading

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D for Damage – why the demise of Legal Aid is bad news for divorce

Decorations are down, the Christmas cake is just crumbs and children are heading back to school.  For many couples who have put on a brave face and limped on in struggling relationships over the festive season, January signifies the end … Continue reading

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Maintaining the magic at Christmas: tips to lighten the season for children and parents

 Guest blog from Sylvia Ould of Family Assessments Christmas is a time of high expectations for many people – not just children waiting the arrival of presents under the tree. For parents who don’t live together it can be a … Continue reading

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Grandparents can bring festive cheer to divorce gloom

For grandparents facing their first Christmas with newly divorced sons or daughters, their relationships with their own grown up children and their grandchildren will become even more important. When parents divorce, children find themselves living in an environment which can … Continue reading

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Making children’s festive season memorable for the right reasons

Cases of separation and divorce are rarely straight forward and Christmas can be a particularly difficult time for separated parents and their children. It is understandably a season for sentiment and can open up old wounds. Tragically, some parents use … Continue reading

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