We’re marking further expansion with a new office in Harrogate

Milestone expansion: our new office will be based at Windsor House. Having worked with divorcing and separating couples for many years, as a firm we understand that it is no cliché to describe the process as one of the most … Continue reading

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Where there’s a will : why education not modernisation is the solution

By Martin Holdsworth, head of the contentious wills, trust & estates team A consultation by the Law Commission for England and Wales on whether wills law should be brought into the “modern world” has reignited a long-running debate. The independent … Continue reading

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Taking the heat out of wills in estranged families

An Ask the Expert article authored by partner Martin Holdsworth on This is Money’s Ask the Expert  column has prompted an extremely lively and heated debate.

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Why landmark ruling will spark an increase in claims from disinherited offspring

By Martin Holdsworth, partner, Jones Myers The decision by the Court of Appeal to increase an award from £50,000 £163,000 in the case of Ilott v Mitson, will undoubtedly have far reaching consequences – and could lead to an increase … Continue reading

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Gambling on inheritance: wife rolls dice for stake in multi millionaire’s estate

Second marriages, stepchildren, larger estates and a more litigious society are frequently cited as reasons for the unprecedented increase in inheritance disputes and will disputes. As we have said before in this blog, where there’s a will there is often … Continue reading

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Why failing to make a will spells doom for cohabiting couples

More than one million cohabiting couples will inherit nothing if their partner dies without a will and has dependent children. This stark warning from The Law Society serves as timely reminder of the vulnerability of the 5.9 million couples who … Continue reading

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Can my ex claim my inheritance? Four key questions answered

In tough economic times a windfall in the form of a legacy left in a will can give the family coffers a boost.  However, what happens to that inheritance if a couple divorce? It may come as a surprise to … Continue reading

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Have you signed the right will? Why you should check your signature

By Martin Holdsworth Where there’s a will there may well be a relative who feels that they have been unfairly cut out of an inheritance. As a lawyer with more than 20 years’ experience of dealing with disputes over the … Continue reading

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Post-divorce: Will you leave behind clarity or confusion?

The chances of winning the National Lottery are said to be 14 million to one, yet each week 32 million people buy a ticket and make big dreams about how they would spend and manage such a momentous windfall. Whereas … Continue reading

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