Why the Court of Appeal was right to award Enas Aly the family’s entire £550k estate

By Peter Jones, founder and partner  The Court of Appeal’s decision to order 46 year old anaesthetist, Dr Essam Aly, to pay his ex-wife Enas every penny of the family’s entire £550k estate has been described as an extraordinary departure … Continue reading

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Gambling on inheritance: wife rolls dice for stake in multi millionaire’s estate

Second marriages, stepchildren, larger estates and a more litigious society are frequently cited as reasons for the unprecedented increase in inheritance disputes and will disputes. As we have said before in this blog, where there’s a will there is often … Continue reading

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Can my ex claim my inheritance? Four key questions answered

In tough economic times a windfall in the form of a legacy left in a will can give the family coffers a boost.  However, what happens to that inheritance if a couple divorce? It may come as a surprise to … Continue reading

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In business with your soon-to-be-ex? How to protect your biggest asset

By Norman Taylor, Collaborative Family Lawyer Should boardroom squabbles ever make their way into the bedroom? Not if the recent spate of high profile co-business divorce cases is anything to go by. The well documented cases of oil trader Michael … Continue reading

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Can’t pay or won’t pay? – what to do when your ex stops maintenance

By Peter Jones, Founder and Partner Former oil trader Michael Prest has hit the headlines after being given a four week suspended jail sentence for failing to pay his ex-wife maintenance worth £360,000. The High Court ruled that the 53-year-old, … Continue reading

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Will single parents and children be the losers under new child maintenance reforms?

By Peter Jones, Founder and Partner The government’s latest plan for parents to agree amicably to their child maintenance agreements or face a fee fills me with despair. Under proposed new rules parents unable to reach a mutual agreement on … Continue reading

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Rags to riches: benefits of a clean break divorce

The experience of green energy millionaire Dale Vince whose fortunes rocketed after his divorce is a cautionary tale for men and women who build a successful business after their marriage breakdown. Mr Vince was claiming state benefits during his marriage … Continue reading

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Information campaign vital as millions in public funding for mediation lies unspent

The announcement that mediation centres aimed at helping couples to separate without the trauma of going to court are under threat – while the best part of £25 million in public funding to help such couples lies untouched – requires … Continue reading

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Court out? Weighing up the options

Jones Myers is delighted to be named one of the two top family law firms in Leeds, West and North Yorkshire, by our industry bible Legal 500 this week. We believe that one of the reasons we receive such accolades … Continue reading

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Is the settlement pendulum about to swing too far?

By Fiona Kendall, partner You may have seen Jones Myers commenting in The Times on the Law Commission’s proposals about how divorce settlements could be worked out in the future in England and Wales. Proposed changes include providing a mathematical … Continue reading

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