Will ‘bird’s nest custody’ smooth ruffled feathers?

  By Kate Banerjee, partner and head of the Children Department Touted as the smart new way to divorce by the media, ‘bird’s nest custody’ is becoming more common in the UK as rising numbers of British courts recommend shared … Continue reading

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A reminder of why a clean break order is critical when divorcing

Few people realise that unless they have a specific clean break court order when they divorce, there is a serious risk of their former spouse making a financial claim against them – often years after the divorce has been finalised. … Continue reading

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Grandmother’s fear of losing home reinforces importance of cohabitation agreements

The news that 69-year-old grandmother Joy Williams who never married her partner of 19 years may lose her £355,000 home as his ex-wife inherited half the property highlights the need for unmarried people who live together to protect themselves.

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Why pre-nups don’t always strike the right chord

By Norman Taylor, consultant The story of Kimberley Walsh taking advice to draw up a pre-nup shortly before her recent Barbados wedding to Justin Scott has been ringing from the media rafters – catapulting the topic back into the spotlight.

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