Post-nups – how they work, who needs one – and what they cost

By Sarah Dickinson, senior solicitor at Jones Myers Jones Myers LLP has been featured on the financial website This is Money which highlights how couples are signing post-nup agreements after marriage.

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The financial cost of international divorce – key questions answered

By Andrew Fox, barrister Increasing global mobility, which has broken down cultural and geographical barriers, has also led to an increase in the number of international family law and divorce disputes. People move across international borders with great ease – … Continue reading

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Mum on the run – a desperate response to family courts’ tougher stance?

By Kate Banerjee, partner and head of the children’s department The sad case of three-year-old Ethan Minnock, who is in hiding with his mother, is evidence of family courts getting tough on mums who try to restrict fathers’ access to … Continue reading

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Alone on Father’s Day – helping dads cope with separation from their children

Father’s Day on June 21 will be a bittersweet occasion for many newly separated dads who no longer live with their children full time. After years of being with sons and daughters 24/7 in the family home, the transition to … Continue reading

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Why men only divorce firms can backfire when children are involved

The latest American export to the UK is a men-only divorce firm. Targeting men who feel let down by our family courts, lawyers in London are offering a service exclusively for husbands.

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