Advice to the Bercows: avoid divorcing under media spotlight to protect your children

Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow and his colourful wife Sally are rumoured to be divorcing following revelations in the press that she had an affair with her husband’s cousin. The couple have lived out much of their … Continue reading

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When the gloves are off in divorce – why no one wins in a courtroom battle

A High Court judge is pulling no punches in a high profile case that shines the spotlight on the very worst aspects of a confrontational and protracted divorce. Mr Justice Holman described the courtroom fight between former Russian beauty queen … Continue reading

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Seven successful steps to a ‘good’ divorce

The fairy tale romance that ends in the perfect wedding conjures up a picture that most of us can relate to. We can probably all list the components of what constitutes a ‘good’ wedding and a ‘good’ marriage.  However, what … Continue reading

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Is top judge right that divorced parents should toughen up on teens?

The country’s top family judge Sir James Munby is urging parents to lay down the law with teenagers to make them ‘do what they don’t want to do’. Sir James was ruling in the Court of Appeal in London on … Continue reading

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