Will pension reforms ease the burden for silver separators?

As new laws allow the over 55s to take cash from their pension pots, research reveals that divorced people retiring this year will be financially worse off than their married peers.

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Gambling on inheritance: wife rolls dice for stake in multi millionaire’s estate

Second marriages, stepchildren, larger estates and a more litigious society are frequently cited as reasons for the unprecedented increase in inheritance disputes and will disputes. As we have said before in this blog, where there’s a will there is often … Continue reading

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Is fault free divorce in everyone’s best interests?

The news that Britain’s most senior female judge wants to see ‘no blame’ divorces is being welcomed by many lawyers and critics of current divorce laws.

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£2m divorce battle puts post-nups in legal spotlight

A High Court judge has upheld the terms of a post-nuptial agreement drawn up by a multi-millionaire property tycoon and his former wife after they married. The decision highlights both the value of such arrangements and the importance of taking … Continue reading

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