Pay up or no payout – would you pay the CSA?

Should parents who split up be forced to pay for the ‘privilege’ of having their child maintenance issues resolved? The government plans to charge single parents for using the services of CMEC, the body that oversees the Child Support Agency … Continue reading

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Would you settle for less?

By Peter Jones, partner Telephone number divorce settlements often hit the headlines, and this week has been no exception. The ex-wife of Russian oligarch Boris Agrest has won a £12.5million divorce settlement awarded by the London High Court – but … Continue reading

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Contact rights – who’s right?

 By Peter Jones, Partner Feelings are running high with the recent announcement from Children’s Minister Tim Loughton that divorced parents will be given an equal right in law to see their children: a presumption of shared care. At first glance … Continue reading

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Qualities to look for in a family lawyer

Divorce has taken centre stage in the media spotlight this week at a time which is considered key to the re-evaluation of relationships. Senior High Court judge, Sir Paul Coleridge has launched a campaign to promote marriage and the benefits … Continue reading

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Of polygamy, polyandry and plants…

How was your Christmas? We at Jones Myers hope that you fall firmly into the camp for whom the festive season re-invigorated your family union, amidst (admittedly temporary) relief from the pressures of the ‘daily grind’. The other camp – … Continue reading

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