Safeguarding the family business when co-preneurs split

Times are tough enough for any business in the current economic climate, but economic pressures often bring added challenges for husband and wife teams sharing the strains of running a family business. When a divorce or separation becomes inevitable between … Continue reading

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Fathers face going it alone in the UK courts

It might save you some money, but representing yourself in court is likely to end in disaster. You’ve watched enough episodes of Silk and Judge John Deed to know how it works, but as the old legal adage has it, … Continue reading

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Playing the Generation Game with Inheritance

There are simple ways to ensure family money stays in the family. New research reveals that more than a third of parents are reluctant to leave money to their married children when they die in case they get divorced. The … Continue reading

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The Unkindest Cut?

Swingeing cuts to Legal Aid will threaten to put vulnerable children at greater risk. You’ve probably heard in the news that the Government is planning to dramatically reduce access to Legal Aid in civil cases in England and Wales, as … Continue reading

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