For the children: how to sustain the focus on family post-divorce


Family at Sunset

Angela Jolie’s announcement that she and her ex, Brad Pitt, are committed to putting the family first post-divorce resonates deeply with Jones Myers’ ethos of always focusing on children’s best interests.

Praising her former husband as a ‘wonderful father’, the high-profile actress emphasises how their children’s health and wellbeing will remain a top priority because; “We will always be a family, always.”

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Why the Tini Owens Appeal Court case adds fuel to ‘no-fault’ divorce campaign

Fuel to Fire

The highly publicised case of Tini Owens – who has asked the Court of Appeal to overturn a family court ruling which said she couldn’t divorce her husband – reinforces the need for the government to introduce no fault divorce.

Despite making 27 allegations about the way her husband Hugh Owens, 78, treated her, 66 year old Mrs Owens, who was ‘desperately unhappy’ in her relationship, was told her claims were “of the kind to be expected in marriage” and was refused a divorce petition.

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A four-step formula to reduce half-term friction


The countdown to half-term holidays can spark the onset of headaches for many divorced and separated parents.

The perennial argument over who gets the children – and when – can be further exacerbated by work patterns and domestic arrangements.

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Rover’s Return landlords head for break up: how to safeguard a family business

Beer TapsOne of Coronation Street’s explosive upcoming storylines is rumoured to have Rover’s Return landlords, Steve McDonald and Michelle Connor  heading for divorce following tragic domestic upheavals and his infidelity.

Media speculation on the split in the iconic series includes the million dollar question question – who will get the pub?

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Why representing yourself in court could be financially and emotionally costly

sad son hugging his mother at home.

There has been a dramatic rise in the number of litigants in person – those representing themselves in divorce court hearings – to decide children’s best interests.

This is because litigants are trying to reduce costs following the government’s abolition, in 2013, of Legal Aid in private law children cases where agreement cannot be reached on finance, contact or residence.

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How arbitration can avoid a Johnny Depp-style public divorce

 Pirate hat, black hat, white skull,

 As the media continues to dissect every minute detail of the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard divorce, stories reported include claims that Johnny Depp deliberately delayed proceedings.

In our vast experience, UK divorces are rarely purposely prolonged once agreement is reached, with most people understandably seeking to avoid extending what may have been a protracted and emotionally painful process.

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How To Plan For a ‘New Year, New You’ Post-Divorce


The New Year is a symbolic time for most people – one of new beginnings, hopes and aspirations for the future.

Understandably, the holiday period may have left those recently divorced feeling fragile and exhausted – making it more difficult to plan ahead with any degree of enthusiasm or certainty.

If you are in this situation, looking after your physical and mental wellbeing is vital to help you feel re-energised and refocused. There has never been a better time to set in place some simple resolutions to boost your quality of life – and help you to move forward with confidence and purpose.

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How compromise and cooperation can make Christmas magical and memorable

Christmas card with Magic Tree. Vector

The rising popularity for divorced couples to celebrate Christmas with their current partner, their children and their ex appears to be the perfect panacea at an emotionally charged time.

The ‘win-win’ scenario ensures children savour the special festivities in a spirit of friendly cooperation. It also reduces upheaval and promotes stability – dispensing with the need for them to travel between parents.

Being realistic however, no two couples and no two divorces are the same – and there are no easy, one-size-fits-all options. Whatever your situation, critical success factors to ensure to ensure the festive season is magical and memorable for children is for parents to plan, compromise and communicate with each other. Continue reading

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Steps to make your children’s first Christmas post-divorce special


The festive countdown will leave many separated spouses and their children feeling apprehensive, distressed and nervous – particularly for estranged couples who are embarking on their first Christmas post-divorce.

For the newly single, these sentiments are understandably exacerbated at what is already an emotional time of year – and if they no longer live with their children. Continue reading

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How – and why – arbitration lowers the cost of divorce


A poll has revealed that 66% (two thirds) of divorcees would have chosen arbitration instead of going to court – had they known it was an option.

The research was included in an article that claimed divorcing couples in the UK now spend an average £70,000 sorting out the division of their finances and assets, while the average wait time to finalise matters is eleven months.

Arbitration is a far better route than the trauma of court battles, being generally quicker and less expensive as it is not subject to the same delays as the court process. It is also less daunting as the couples control the process, choosing their arbitrator together.

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